Why Canadians Need Humility

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Why Canadians Need Humility

First day of Hermeneutics. Here’s a great thought I just picked up about humility:

Dogmatism is the belief that that truth is absolutely knowable and the attitude: “By the way, I know it.” Scepticism is the belief that the truth is unknowable.

Hermeneutical humility is found between the two polar opposites.

That’s it from the prof. But, it got me considering our Canadian context and the challenge Believers face attempting to share the Gospel. It also makes me consider the reason Believers reject the idea of sharing the Gospel in favour of doing some practical good.


I.     Polar Opposites are hubris-ly destructive

IMO, our Canadian culture too easily over reacts and jumps to polar opposites in many topics of conversation, including faith and politics. We too quickly destroy any attempt to add to a pool of meaning because we too quickly polarize.

II.     Adding to a pool of meaning requires humility

Hermeneutical humility is where conversation can exist. Our culture could use more of this. I think our culture needs a medium that allows us to keep our identity and values, yet empower us with the ability to create a place of discussion that adds to a pool of meaning.


What about you?

What can you do this week to seek some hermeneutical humility to create a safe setting that allows the a deepening of the pool of meaning?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Why Canadians Need Humility

  1. I have a few thoughts. When people polarize over friendship, community, religion or politics they tend to set up camps. When we set up camp it becomes hard to find common ground. So I try to stay alert and creative and keep a birds eye view. The best example I can give is this . Let’s say my favorite hockey team team ( The Leafs) get eliminated from the playoffs. I will sit down and watch two other teams, that I dont really identify with compete. The tension and emotion is no longer present. I can watch the game objectively. Common ground being that I like to watch the game of hockey. Although, sometimes finding common ground isn’t that easy. Especially when someone comes along with views that seem tottaly crazy and bizarre in relation to yours. So instead of writting them off you should try hard intellectually and choose humanity over division. In other words love the person but not thier views. There’s an old saying. A kingdom divided cannot survive. When we polarize we often become paralyzed. I’m right Your wrong, I’m good, Your bad. That’s when stop talking and connecting with each other. We all lose. So extend an olive branch ! Showing Humility in my mind is a choice. I’m trying to get better at putting this concept into action. Opinions are just opinions unless you turn them into actions.