Why The Bible Needs Your Attention

Devotional on Hebrews 4:12-13

Why The Bible Needs Your Attention

Waking up, I turn to the table beside my bed to grab my iPad.  I open my email app, then check on my website, and then check on FaceBook.  Looks like a normal start to a Canadian morning, and I haven’t gotten out of bed yet.  Honestly, allowing the pressures of the day (or the drama of the social internet) to set my mood is a horrible way for me to start my day. There is something that I must give attention to, it must be the first voice I hear, and it must hold my absolute respect, or I can lose absolutely everything. I absolutely need to engage the Bible first, and so do you.


In Hebrews 4:12-13 we learn Why The Bible Absolutely Needs Our Consistent Attention.


In the previous passage, the author shares with us an example of a group of people who treated God’s Word far too casually, and absolutely disrespectfully.  God’s Word was leading the Jews to the Promised Land, and ultimately to salvation.  Unfortunately, the Jews of the day missed the destination because they disregarded God’s Word (their version of the Bible, which in their case was God’s actual voice, or Moses speaking on God’s behalf).  That example serves as a warning which leads us into these two verses.

It is so very important for us to consistently engage with the Bible.  Following the warning, the author reveals three reasons why we need to be more intentional about giving it our consistent attention.

1.  It’s alive

The Bible is not just a book, like all the others sitting on my shelves, or scattered through my house.  The Bible is actually doing something.  It’s active in accomplishing God’s purpose, particularly in salvation and judgment.  It’s the only book that has the power to seek us out and lead us to Jesus, or restrict us from Him.


2.  It’s sharp

There is a sense that we are completely exposed by the Bible.  It leaves us without the ability to hide anything from God, and without the ability to stop God from scrutinizing us.  God wants personal engagement through faith in Jesus, and He has the ability to discern if we’re giving it to Him, or not.  The Bible reveals our true motives, revealing everything, even the deepest parts of our hearts and minds.


3.  It judges

God wants to give us life, but our response to His call to faith and personal engagement is vital.  The Bible reveals what’s truly in our heart, but it goes farther than simply acting like a spot light.  The Bible judges us, and that judgment results in our life or death.  God and His Word can’t be separated.  If we want eternal life we’re going to need to take what He told us seriously.


Why The Bible Needs Your Attention


There’s a warning here given to those of us who are not consistently engaging with the Bible.  If we’re not reading it, or listening to it, or consuming it somehow, the Bible is still active (it seeks us out to accomplish God’s will), and still revealing what’s in our hearts (it makes the deepest part of our hearts exposed to God), and still judging us (discerning if our faith is real, and if we’re truly attempting to engage personally with God).

Reading it is not what gives the Bible its power.  It is already powerful because it is God’s Word.  The power of God’s Word isn’t something we want to be ignorant of.  It is essential for us to consistently engage the Bible because, like the example in the verses before, our casual attitude for it could result in our casually missing eternity.


What about you?

Let me ask you some real questions that deserve real (absolutely non-religious) answers.  Who’s the first voice you’re listening to each day? What’s the loudest thing you’re hearing all day long?  Are you giving the Bible your consistent attention?

Did you see something different in the text?

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Why The Bible Needs Your Attention

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