Beginning the Friendship Video Tutorial – the “L3” series

The first few days after placing your faith in Jesus can feel a little disorienting for some people.  After all, connecting with God on a personal level is a really big deal!  It’s overwhelming!  If you’ve recently connected with Jesus, or if you’re thinking about it, this video tutorial was created to help you.

Below are links to the “L3” series.  I’ve tried to keep things simple by presenting you with three words starting with the letter L – Lounge, Listen, Link. Please watch the videos in order.  And, please leave a comment.  It would be my pleasure to help you with any of this material.  I’m so very excited for you!


 1.  Introduction:


2.  Lounge:


3.  Listen:


4.  Link:


Thank you for watching.  Has this helped you, or left you with more questions?  I would love to have a discussion with you!  Please post a comment so we can connect.

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