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I’m not sure if I can communicate how excited I was about receiving my tax refund!  I was finally going to be able to pay off my Visa!  Unfortunately, it seemed to be a trend for me: pay by Visa, make the minimum payments, and hope for a big enough return at the end of the year to pay it off.  It made me feel a little sick, and kind of trapped, but it was life and it was how I felt I was able to win.  Well, that’s not winning.  Being debt free (except the mortgage), having an emergency fund, and saving for the future is a far better win!  But, how does someone with a mountain of debt make the transition to a mountain of savings?!  You can find your way forward by taking Dave Ramsey’s course “Financial Peace University.”


Watch one of Dave’s short commercials:


When, Where & How Much: UPDATED

Beings February 2017

Hillside Community Church in Tottenham

The church north of town where the school buses park

Date/time: TBD

We’ll choose a meeting date/time that works for people who are interested.  Sunday afternoons are usually best for me, but I’ll try to be flexible.

Each meeting will last around 1 hour.  However, the first meeting is about 40 minutes to help you test the material so you can decide if this is right for you, or not.


Free for you!
Hillside Community Church is covering the cost for the training videos & your workbooks.


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