The Podcast Returns In December


Hi all,

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I’m happy to report that I’ve ordered a new mic (apparently, there’s no support to fix my current mic).  It will arrive around Dec 6.  So, after Dec 6 I’ll be back to podcasting.


What happened to the weekly podcasts?!



I’m so sorry that I’ve missed a couple of podcasts!  Thanks for your patience!

My microphone suddenly stopped working.  I’m using a Blue Yeti.  It seemed to be fine one moment and then it suddenly just stopped being fine as I was beginning to record an episode.  I haven’t found a fix for it yet so I’ll likely need to buy a new mic.

I’ll be back up as soon as I can be.


UPDATE:  I’ve bought a new mic.  However, I’m now in an Mdiv program at Tyndale.  Please see the post about the new season (click here) to learn about the changes being made to the podcast.

“Christianity 101”, video series on Romans, begins soon

Here is a short video announcement about a new and exciting video series beginning here at!


This season I’ll be connecting busy people with Jesus in two ways.  First, I’ll be posting devotional blogs, one passage at a time, helping you find some meaningful applications while you’re on the go.  Second, and I’m very excited about this,  I’ll also be posting videos as I teach through the letter of Romans.

I know your busy.  And, I believe you can still connect with Jesus in your busy life.  I’m looking forward to a great new season to help you, a busy person, connect with Jesus.

Kids Night Crafts 2015 Announcement

Here is a short video, cut from a Sonic Dad video, giving you a taste of what’s in store for your kids during Crafts @ Kids Night!  (Every Friday, 7-8:30pm, beginning Sept 18)

Sundae Sundays for Grades 6-8 Begins Sept 13

Our new TWEENS group called “Sundae Sundays” for grades 6-8 will begin Sept 13 @ Hillside Community Church led by our youth pastor Logan Geyer.

The tweens will be creating their own Sundaes during every meeting while engaging in an Inductive Study through Romans.  The group will begin after the music at the beginning of our time of announcements.

You Will Very Likely Lead Someone To Jesus At The Alliston Potato Fest

I’m at the Alliston Potato Fest sharing the Gospel by partnering with The Fellowship Of Christian Farmers.  I am absolutely amazed!!!!  I’m almost without words!!!!  Within the first hour, while the crowds were still very small, I lead about 9 people to Jesus!

IMG_8347 B

For those of you who are local to me: if you’ve never led someone to Jesus, now’s your chance!  Please join us on Saturday, August 8!

Something Different on April 12

Hello Hillside!  This coming Sunday we’ll be doing the sermon a little differently.  Please play this 1.5 minute video announcement if you’d like to have a heads up.



Why I’m attending the WordPress course at Georgian this January!



It’s easy to see that there’s not a lot of content happening here.  That’s mostly because I have no idea how to navigate a WordPress site!  So, I’ll be taking a WordPress course beginning January!!!!  And, then, perhaps we can take this site places!