Hi, I’m Rick.

I’m the pastor of Hillside Community Church, a church filled with great and really, really busy people. Honest, they’re great people, and genuinely friendly.  They want to be involved within the church and within the community.  They even want to be involved across our nation, and globally. They’re really great. And, they’re extremely busy.

To be involved in anything more than work and home life is a huge sacrifice and really exhausting. I see it.  They sacrifice, and they get tired. That’s why I’ve started this platform.

I’m convinced that connecting busy people with Jesus has to happen on a mobile platform.

About quote

So, as I learn how to blog, vlog and podcast, my focus will be to help really busy people turn their commutes, their lunches, their coffee breaks, and their quiet time at home waiting for the kids to fall asleep into moments connecting with Jesus.  I’m going to try to help people on the go connect with Jesus while on the go.

I’m going to try to help you.

Here’s a little about me:

I have my undergrad in Bible (Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education, from Tyndale).  I’m about 3 courses away from a Master’s in Bible (Masters of Theological Studies, also from Tyndale).  I’ve been a pastor for about 20 years, and I’ve volunteered in incredible organizations and groups like Circle Square Ranch, and Toronto Mass Choir.

Yes, I have about 3 courses left… my wife and I have been working on our family.  We’re at 4 kids now (just had #4 in Nov 2014).  Yay, diapers!  God willing we’ve plateaued, and God willing I’ll finish the degree soon.


I’ll do my best to serve you. And, I’m looking forward to a conversation with you that will help us connect with Jesus, together, while on the go.

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