A New Season Begins!


A New Season, 2017

Hello friends,

Thanks for following RickGrundyLive.  I truly appreciate you allowing me to serve you, and I’m very happy to continue serve you.

By the end of December RickGrundyLive had reached 4800 views.  That’s a record of you engaging both the podcasts and the blogs.  Thank you for tuning in!


Two Trends Of Service

Looking at the site’s stats I’ve recognized two trends that I’d like to comment on.

1. Blog posts have the most traffic
First, I see that the blog posts are well received by you, and they represent most of the site’s activity.  The bulk of the traffic from the blog posts come from older posts as they’re passed around social media.  I really appreciate you using social media, thank you!

2.  Podcasts are binged
Second, I see that some of you like binge-casting.  I see spikes in the stats for the podcast from listeners who prefer to go through an entire series at once rather than waiting for the weekly episodes to be published.  Actually, it’s how most engage with the series on the book of Romans.  That’s probably due to the iTunes presence.  I also see that most of the podcast traffic comes from sources outside of RickGrundyLive (like iTunes).


Moving ahead, I’ll be making two changes to serve you better.

First, I’ll continue blogging.  Because you seem to be served better by it, I’ll turn more of my attention to it.

Second, because the trend seems to be binging podcasts, I’ll put more thought into a shorter series rather than spending time converting my Sunday sermons into an ongoing podcast.  I’ll need some time to think this through, so I’ll follow this up later this year.


What you can expect this season.

I’m heading back to school this week and I anticipate a much fuller schedule.  For the next couple of months I’ll be taking a break from podcasting and return to it when I can spend more time preparing the shorter kinds of series you are served by.  Until then, I’ll be keeping the blog up to date with posts about you to help you connect with Jesus.


Thank you for taking an interest in RickGrundyLive, and thank you for sharing on social media.  It really does help.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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