Christmas Special: How To Have The Perfect Christmas

Christianity 101 Podcast

How to have the perfect Christmas

I have some really great memories waking up early and spending Christmas Day with my kids. My kids really contribute to my idea of what a perfect Christmas Day looks like. You probably have some great memories and an idea of what the perfect Christmas Day is, too. In this episode we talk about the very first Christmas Day from Luke 2, and learn about the three things that contribute to having a Perfect Christmas.

Christmas Special: Christmas Is A Promise To You

Christianity 101

Christmas Is A Promise To You

Every gift wrapped under my tree is a promise to my children (and especially my wife) that something awesome awaits them on Christmas morning. My kids believe that their daddy isn’t going to let them down. Christmas is a promise. Every Believer knows that the promises that God made to us are going to be fulfilled, and eternity is going to be awesome. In today’s episode, we’re going to trace part of the promise of Christmas from Genesis to 2 Samuel to explore the original promise of Christmas, and to confirm that God had you in mind since before the book of Genesis was written.