The Podcast Returns In December


Hi all,

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

I’m happy to report that I’ve ordered a new mic (apparently, there’s no support to fix my current mic).  It will arrive around Dec 6.  So, after Dec 6 I’ll be back to podcasting.


6 Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality

Devotional on Hebrews 5:1-6

Six Questions To A Cleaner Spirituality

Last spring, as the weather began to turn warmer I followed my kids’ leading to the garage where our pool and our tent trailer was stored over winter.  Looking back, it was an awesome Saturday as we set up our backyard for summer fun and set up the tent trailer to start dreaming about our travel plans.  As I look out my window right now and see the snow lingering on the ground I’m really missing warmer days.  However, a day like that always reveals more work than anticipated.  As I stood looking into what was left in my garage I began asking myself, “What is worth keeping and what is worth throwing away?”  I guess that’s a typical Spring cleaning question – a question I’m looking forward to asking myself again in a few months. And, it’s a great question to ask ourselves often in order to move toward a cleaner spirituality.

Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

Devotional on Hebrews 4:14-16

Why Jesus Makes A Great Leader

It was a really cold, winter day.  Icicles hung from the bottoms of the cars driving up to our bay doors for an oil change.  I wore thin overalls with the company’s logo (nice and big for all to see), absolutely not allowed to wear a coat (because it would hide the logo).  So, there I was, freezing as the wind easily blew through my work clothes, moving from car to car filling out work orders before they enter the small shop.  While I’m standing there, teeth chattering, fingers barely able to hold the pencil that I’m using while I hold a metal clipboard, I spot my boss sitting in his car, engine running, across the parking lot keeping an eye on me ensuring I’m doing my job well (and not wearing a coat, which he expressively forbade).

What happened to the weekly podcasts?!



I’m so sorry that I’ve missed a couple of podcasts!  Thanks for your patience!

My microphone suddenly stopped working.  I’m using a Blue Yeti.  It seemed to be fine one moment and then it suddenly just stopped being fine as I was beginning to record an episode.  I haven’t found a fix for it yet so I’ll likely need to buy a new mic.

I’ll be back up as soon as I can be.


UPDATE:  I’ve bought a new mic.  However, I’m now in an Mdiv program at Tyndale.  Please see the post about the new season (click here) to learn about the changes being made to the podcast.

Why The Bible Needs Your Attention

Devotional on Hebrews 4:12-13

Why The Bible Needs Your Attention

Waking up, I turn to the table beside my bed to grab my iPad.  I open my email app, then check on my website, and then check on FaceBook.  Looks like a normal start to a Canadian morning, and I haven’t gotten out of bed yet.  Honestly, allowing the pressures of the day (or the drama of the social internet) to set my mood is a horrible way for me to start my day. There is something that I must give attention to, it must be the first voice I hear, and it must hold my absolute respect, or I can lose absolutely everything. I absolutely need to engage the Bible first, and so do you.

Never Forget – Remembrance Day 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

Never Forget

I remember sitting at the feet of my grandfather.  I was probably 4.  I remember running my fingers over the strange designs I found covering the speaker of his big wooden radio.  We sat there, listening to the hockey game, sharing a mutual contentment. I will never forget.