Rom 47: What Mature Faith Looks Like

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 15:1-13

what mature faith looks like

I can’t tell you how many mature people I have met who are lacking maturity. Truthfully, I’m one of those mature people lacking some maturity. In Romans 15:1-13, Paul offers a profile of a mature Christian, helping us to recognize maturity in others and inspiring us to find maturity in ourselves.  In this episode we talk about what mature faith really looks like.

Rom 46: Caring Into Community

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 14:1-23

Caring Into Community

In this episode we look at Romans 14, the goto chapter for anyone who wants to reconcile the line between acceptance and judgement. We explore unity, condemning, diversity, arguments, what is truly essential, and how great churches are caring into community.

047: Help Leaders Help You

Devotional On Romans 13:1-7

Help Leaders Help You

I love using the line, “Help me help you.”  (I think it’s from a movie, but I don’t know which one.)  As a leader, I want to be effective and I don’t want to waste my time, so anything anyone would like to share with me to help me be more effective with them is totally awesome.  Even if you’ve never heard that sentence before, my guess is that many leaders are really wanting to shout it out really loudly.  There are things that you can do to help leaders to  be more effective with you.

Rom 46: What Love Looks Like

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 13:8-14

What Love Looks Like

In this episode we summarize everything that God requires of us (namely what He wants us to do for Him and for others) as we discover what love looks like in Romans 13:8-14. With just one word, the complicated thoughts that stem from Bible discussions can become simplified and quickly actionable.

046: Why Love Should Make You Aggressive

Devotional On Romans 12:9-21

Love aggressively

In the most basic and accurate statement I can think of, the summary of the Christian life is this: love God and then love others.  Easy-peasy, right?  As accurate as that statement may be, it’s terribly poor at communicating what that might look like. It certainly doesn’t communicate the calling to love aggressively.

Rom 45: Submitting To The Government

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 13:1-7

Submitting To The Government

There’s always a lot of talk about politics filling my FaceBook news feed and creeping its way into my conversations. I’ve noticed something missing in almost all of the political talk that comes my way – no one talks about the need of submitting to the government. In this episode we look at Romans 13:1-7 where Paul clearly communicates when submission is a requirement, when it’s not, and what to expect when we feel we shouldn’t submit.