045: Become Better In A Better Church

Devotional On Romans 12:3-8

Three Ways You Become Better In A Better Church

The service was just about to begin while I was standing in the foyer noticing someone new walking through the door.  I extended my hand and he shook it. He had the easy to recognize church-smile on his face, wearing church-casual attire. I wasn’t surprised to hear that he was visiting from another assembly he had grown tired of, and now he was shopping around to check out his other options. I discovered years ago that some people feel that they become better when they start attending a better church. I’ve also discovered that they’re absolutely right! Today’s text shows us what a better church looks like, and how you would benefit if you were in one.

Rom 44: Overcoming Evil

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 12:9-21

Overcoming Evil

The presence of evil in the world is undeniable. Every Believer’s call to faith and obedience makes life complicated in a world like this. What’s a Believer to do? In Romans 12:9-21 Paul gets really practical with a rubber-meets-the-road approach to Christian living, pointing toward a path to overcoming evil.

044: How To Recognize God’s Will

Devotional On Romans 12:1-2

How To Position Yourself To Recognize God’s Will

One of the questions I’m asked fairly often is, “How do I know if this is God’s will for me?”  I’m usually asked this by someone who’s trying to make a big decision.  And, I get it, I ask the question myself sometimes.  I can’t give a unique word from God just for you, but I can help you figure out how to recognize God’s will for yourself.

Rom 43: Real Worship

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 12:1-8

real worship

In this episode we explore Romans 12:1-8 and discover what worship really is. It’s not singing, although it can be a part of it. It’s not the style of church music, although it could be a part of it. Real worship is bigger. Find out why real worship often looks gritty and sweaty.

043: When We Don’t Understand God

Devotional On Romans 11:33-35

When We Don't Understand God

I was in my car, driving home, and yelling at God.  I was certainly not at my best, but I was absolutely confused, hurting and angry.  One of my friends had just died of brain cancer.  Because our church had fasted and prayed, I felt that we had somehow did what was needed to earn a miracle.  A miracle never came, and I questioned God just like an arrogant and inexperienced child treats a parent they feel is inept.  What do you do when you don’t understand God?  Thank God I’ve grown from that experience.  I’ve learned how moments of confusion can become empowering God encounters.

Rom 042: God’s Mysterious Mercy

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 11:25-36

God's Mysterious Mercy

In this episode we explore Romans 11:25-36, God’s mysterious mercy. If you think the Bible’s easy to understand, think again. There are so many mysteries that have not yet been revealed to us, and we find a couple in today’s passage.  For example, how is it that God has rejected the Jews and yet we find them still referred to as His elected people? How is it that the disobedience of the Jews actually led to the potential salvation of the entire world including the Jews? How could the Jews have been rejected by God because of their disobedience and yet also promised to be saved? There are too many mysteries to state here, so press play and lets engage this passage together.

042: How Your Failure Connects You To Mercy

Devotional On Romans 11:25-32

How Your Failure Connects You To Mercy

“Son, I want you to understand something. I want you to fail a lot while you’re still young. One day, you’ll be grown up and on your own, making bigger mistakes than you are today. I won’t be able to help you then as much as I can help you now. So, while I’m still able to teach you how to learn from your mistakes, I don’t want you to fear failure, I want you to see it as an opportunity.”  That was one of the stranger conversations I’ve had with my son. I’m not even sure if all of it really registered with him. But, what I do know is that my kids know that failure is sometimes more useful than success because daddy helps them learn. Similarly, within Christianity, failure can be incredibly more beneficial than success.

Rom 041: Does God Get Tired Of You?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 11:11-24

Does God Get Tired Of You?

I’ve had some people get bored of me, get frustrated with me, stop liking me, take offence at me, and they have chosen to move on. That’s really ok, it’s their choice. But, the bigger question is, does God treat us the same way? Does God ever move on from us? Does God get tired of you? In this episode we explore Romans 11:11-23 and see that question answered (for the tenth time in Romans).