Rom 040: God’s Mercy Or Rejection?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 11:1-10

God's Mercy Or Rejection

In this episode we explore a question of rejection: “Does God reject people?”

In Romans 11:1-10 Paul asks if God has rejected Israel, His chosen people of the Old Testament. If God has rejected people who were once accepted, then what’s to say He won’t also reject us. And, if He didn’t reject them, then why are they not following Jesus?

041: An Issue Turning Kindness Into Sternness

Devotional On Romans 11:22-24

One Critical Issue That Turns Kindness Into Sternness

It’s a warm summer morning, the sun feels great because the breeze is strong enough to stop me from overheating.  While I’m jogging along the sidewalk I casually wave to a neighbour, and with a smile on his face he waves back.  Because my athletic conditioning is nothing to brag about I find myself grateful for any shortcut I can find on my running routes.  Suddenly my kind neighbour lets out a stern yell, “Hey, stay off my grass.”  (You know, I do feel slightly sorry for those corner lot home owners with that walking path at the corner of their lawn.)  My neighbours’ kindness and sternness is often dependant on my behaviour.  God’s kindness and sternness can be similarly dependant.

ROM 039: The Tragedy Of Unbelief

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 9:30-10:21

The Tragedy Of Unbelief

In this episode we explore Romans 9:30-10:21, the tragic result of Israel’s unbelief and the resulting spread of the Gospel through the world. We explore why Jesus is referred to as both a stumbling stone and a secure foundation.

040:Humility Keeps Fellowship With God Healthy

Devotional On Romans 11:11-21

Humility Keeps Our Fellowship With God Healthy

I often hear comments spouting the virtue of humility.  I wouldn’t consider, even for a microsecond, speaking against humility.  I do, however, wonder if we have a deep enough context to understand how the virtue fits within our fellowship with God.  It seems to me that without context humility is simply a plastic way for people to make themselves look more pious so they can feel like they’re doing something that empowers them to be rewarded by God.  Proper context, I believe, removes false piety and adds a healthy dose of fear and realism that attacks the glamorous light we tend to see ourselves in.

ROM 038: God’s Sovereignty

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 9:1-29

God's sovereignty

I wish all of Romans could be like chapter 8. However, Paul is called to take on the seriously challenging work of teaching about both acceptance and rejection, particularly as it applies to both Jews and Gentiles. Romans 9:1-29 is a really heavy, but really necessary chapter. In this episode of Christianity 101 we explore the huge topic of God’s Sovereignty.  

039: Three Critical Salvation Issues

Devotional On Romans 11:1-10

Three critical issues at the heart of salvation

Sometimes the Bible has some harsh words to say about some groups of people, particularly when the topic is salvation.  Rather than pick on someone that I really have no beef with, I think it’s a good idea to reflect on what today’s text means to me.  When I’m done, you can figure out if it means the same to you, too.

ROM 37: God’s Love For You

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 8:28-39

God's Love For You

Romans 8:28-39 is a go-to passage for anyone who needs assurance because it explains so clearly why we can trust God’s love, and how far that love will reach.

038: Why Words Are So Important To The Gospel

Devotional On Romans 10:14-21

Why Your Words Are So Important To The Gospel

I’ve got some really great neighbours. We have mowed each other’s lawns, shovelled driveways, helped plant flowers, and helped each other renovate. Truthfully, I really want to see my neighbours in eternity because I’m sure it would lead to a decade long neighbourhood BBQ on streets of Gold. I’m going to guess that you have some great neighbours you want to see in eternity, too. So, what do we need to do about the Gospel to ensure we will all see each other forever?

ROM 36: Glory Is In Your Future

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 8:18-27

Your Future Glory

In this episode of Christianity 101 we explore Romans 8:18-27, a glimpse at Your Future Glory. Your life may look like challenge after challenge, and you may be weighed down and not wanting to get out of bed in the mornings, but this passage is going to encourage you and get your eyes off your circumstances onto what God’s got planned for your future.