037: Why Knowledge Is Essential To Faith

Devotional On Romans 10:1-13

With four young children there is always a mouth with a missing tooth in my house.  It reminds me of when I was a kid, writing notes to the Tooth Fairy.  For me, a quarter for a tooth just wasn’t enough, so I was leaving notes asking for bigger bills to buy large Star Wars toy sets, G.I.Joe toy sets, bikes… you name it. Honestly, what was the Tooth Fairy thinking leaving a quarter?!  Yet, with every tooth I received the same yield, a single quarter under my pillow. It’s like the Tooth Fairy couldn’t read, or was too busy for my notes. My belief in the Tooth Fairy let me down because she has no power. Actually, faith or belief (whichever word you’d prefer to use) has no power, either. There is only one source of power that truly has the ability to help us, and it’s vitally important we know the truth, rather than a fairytale, so that we can get connected with it.

Minecraft 06: Rick

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

Here is our last daily episode of the Minecraft Podcast, a podcast where I interview the best Minecraft players I know.  Today’s guest is: me.  My son, Luke, interviews me about playing Minecraft together.  (AND, heads up, on Wednesday I continue our series through Romans with a new Romans podcast, continuing where we left off at chapter 8.)

Minecraft 04: Michelle

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

Off topic for three more daily episodes of Minecraft!  This time I think some of you (adults) will benefit.  Today’s guest is my wife, Michelle.

Minecraft 03: Tina

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

Thanks for sticking with me while I get creative as I learn to podcast.  Here’s another totally off topic and daily podcast episode about Minecraft to entertain you (but, most likely, your kids).  I’m interviewing our guest, Tina.

Minecraft 02: Luke

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

I’ll be off topic for another few posts while I learn (as quickly as I can) how to put out some quality material.  However, I think I’ll be a little entertaining for some of your kids, at least!

Minecraft 01: Samantha

A MineCraft Podcast - completely off topic

I’ve been learning how to podcast in order to serve you better as we study through Romans (“Christianity 101”). I know that these next few posts are way off topic, but it’s part of my learning curve. To learn how to podcast quickly I chose a topic that was easy.  So, I have prepared six podcasts on MineCraft!  Which means, the next six posts may be more appealing to your kids.