ROM 29: Are We Really God’s Slaves?

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:15-23, Part 1

Do Believers really have freewill?  Or, is it lost when we choose to follow God?  If we have freewill, then why does Paul seem to celebrate the idea that we are God’s slaves, and why are Believers restricted from so many things?  These questions, and more, are answered in today’s video/audio.

028: Four Reasons Why The Holy Spirit Is Indispensable

Devotional on Romans 8:12-17

We were cold, huddling together in a room with the door closed, laying under layers of blankets, warming ourselves by candles.  The ice storm that took out the power to a large part of Southern Ontario took out our heat.  When 3am came and our youngest started jumping around in her crib (her version of jumping jacks to keep warm), we were reminded of how dependant we are on electricity.  Todays text, however, reminds us that we are more dependant on the Holy Spirit.

ROM 28: Victory, Freedom & Grace

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 3

You are a conqueror.  Your future is not diminished by the failure of your past.  Because of your faith in Jesus, you have victory, freedom & grace.

Sermon 002: Why Your Words Are So Important To The Gospel

Romans 10:14-21

It seems to me that there are a lot of good people in the world who want to do a lot of really good things.  They have my respect, and they probably have yours, too.  Actually, you’re probably one of those people.  Sometimes, though, good deeds just don’t seem to be enough.

027: Four New Normals Assuring Your Eternity

Devotional on Romans 8:9-11

As a Believer, how can you be so confident that all the pain and sacrifices that you endure for Jesus is really worth it?  Why wouldn’t you, a Believer, choose to accept everything that’s considered normal by people who are not Believers?  There are some great answers to those two questions found in Romans 8:9-11.

Rom 27: Choose Personal Engagement [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 2

I have recently discovered that the average person makes about 35,000 choices (consciously) each day.  I don’t know how to confirm that number, or how to challenge it, I’ve just found it to be the general conclusion.  Regardless of the actual number, what’s most important is the first choice we make.  In today’s video/audio our passage is going to encourage us to make personal engagement with God our first choice.

026: Why Clear-Mindedness Is Important To You Today and Forever

Devotional on Romans 8:1-8

Sitting alone on the side of a hill overlooking the field, I prepared myself by focusing my mind and shutting everything else out.  I thought only about my role on the team, mentally rehearsing running passes and positioning myself in the scrum.  High school rugby was awesome!  I knew I wasn’t nearly the best player on the team, but I wanted to give everything I had because if my head wasn’t in the game it could be a painful disaster.  Now that I’m more than 20 years removed from high school (please don’t make me commit to a higher number) I know that my mindset mattered in high school rugby, and it still matters today.  Our mindset usually determines our outcome.  Our mindset is so important that it can determine how closely connected with Jesus we will be, or how far removed we will be.

Rom 26: Sin’s Power Is Broken [Video/Audio]

"Christianity 101" ... Romans 6:1-14, Part 1

Preparing the video/audio for this post got me excited.  I really like being reminded of the victory that I have in Jesus, and the defeat of everything that would separate me from God for all eternity.  If you’re feeling a little down, this next set of videos/audios may encourage you, too.  Your past is not your identity!  Your failures are not holding you back!  Jesus has given you a fresh start that comes with a ton of power.

Sermon 001: What To Do When The Truth Is The Catalyst For Rejection

Romans 9:14-18

I’ve met some really great church attenders who loved the church vibe, the people, and the programs, but they ended up rejecting it all once they heard the Gospel.  Sometimes the Truth of the Gospel drives people away, and may even make them aggressive.  Is there something we can do differently so that communicating the Truth would be better received?