049: Prepare For The Second Coming

Devotional On Romans 13:11-14

Prepare For The Second Coming

I knew something was wrong the minute I walked around the corner of the church building and looked into the empty parking lot. I was very rarely the first person to arrive on a Sunday morning as an intern. While walking through the empty church, turning lights on as I went, I began to mildly freak out for about 30 minutes considering the possibility that I had missed the rapture. The feeling of being left behind stuck with me for the remainder of the day. I was so entirely relieved when my boss, the senior pastor, walked in. Giving me a puzzled look he asked, “Did you forget to change your clock?”  There’s nothing like an experience like that to get you thinking about Jesus’ Second Coming. I didn’t miss out on the Second Coming that day, I don’t want to miss out on the actual day, and I don’t want you to, either, so lets prepare for the Second Coming.


Using Romans 13:11-14 I can come up with Three Questions To Help Us Prepare For The Second Coming Of Jesus

Before we get to the questions, lets discuss the passage a little.


1. Right now matters…

It is vitally important that we understand our present context. It’s important because if we don’t understand then we’re gong to miss something important and be unprepared for what’s about to come. An imminent transitioning is about to take place.


2. …because right now will effect what comes next

Jesus is coming soon. Every day the coming of Jesus is closer. Each day should inspire us to live ready for His coming. There may not be too many more days left.


3. So make right now count for eternity…

Paul tells us to awake from my slumber. Awaken our activity investing in eternity, and put aside casual Christianity. The closer we get to Jesus’ coming the less opportunity we have to invest in eternity.


4. …because right now can either solidify or liquidate our place in eternity

This passage contains some metaphors that I’d expect to see the apostle John using.  Paul compares dark and light to contrast the kind of lifestyle that Believers should and shouldn’t pursue, and he likens our deeds to clothing.  Actions that are inspired by sin are clothes of darkness that we are to take off – it’s a choice to stop pursuing a lifestyle that moves us away from God.  Actions that bring us closer to Jesus, helping us grow in our love for God and others, are considered to be armour – they protect our place in eternity, making our calling sure!


5. Live by loving God and others…

The passage provides a few examples of actions that would defeat our call to eternity.  I am concerned that a small thing like jealousy is just as deadly as sexual immorality, but it helps me to understand that all actions opposite to loving God and loving others have the potential to make my calling shaky, potentially bringing me to the point of entirely losing eternity. Our love for God and others needs to be our inspiration to act.


6. … because it’s the best choice we have

Instead of pursuing things that would lead us away from Jesus we need to clothe ourselves with Jesus – intentionally align ourselves with Him.  The passage warns us of the competition for our souls. Our best choice is to immerse our lives within a friendship with Jesus.


Here are Three Questions To Help You Prepare For The Second Coming Of Jesus


1.     Is the knowledge of Jesus’ return motivating your activity?

2.     In what ways are you acting unlovingly toward God and others?

3.     What can you do today to act more lovingly toward God and others?


What about you?

Do those three questions help you discern your own preparedness? Is there something you need to work on?

Or, did you see something different in the text?

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Prepare For The Second Coming

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