042: How Your Failure Connects You To Mercy

Devotional On Romans 11:25-32

How Your Failure Connects You To Mercy

“Son, I want you to understand something. I want you to fail a lot while you’re still young. One day, you’ll be grown up and on your own, making bigger mistakes than you are today. I won’t be able to help you then as much as I can help you now. So, while I’m still able to teach you how to learn from your mistakes, I don’t want you to fear failure, I want you to see it as an opportunity.”  That was one of the stranger conversations I’ve had with my son. I’m not even sure if all of it really registered with him. But, what I do know is that my kids know that failure is sometimes more useful than success because daddy helps them learn. Similarly, within Christianity, failure can be incredibly more beneficial than success.


In Romans 11:25-32 we learn How Failure Can Instantly Connect Us To Mercy


1.     God responds to an acknowledgement of failure with mercy

You and I, as Believers, have absolutely no reason to be conceited.  We don’t have to be right, actually we don’t even want to be right.  We absolutely have to be wrong.

I don’t want to sound accusing, so I’ll speak personally.  I need to acknowledge that I’m disobedient.  Actually, the only reason I have salvation is because I am rebellious.  If I wasn’t disobedient I couldn’t be saved because salvation is only for the disobedient.  It is only because I’m disobedient that I qualify for salvation.

If you will acknowledge that you have failed, and that you do so quite frequently, God acknowledges that you qualify for salvation and He responds to you with His mercy.

Perfect people do not qualify for salvation. So, don’t try to be perfect. Just be honest.


2     When you acknowledge equality with a failing world God responds with mercy

Again, I don’t want to sound accusing, so I’ll speak personally. I’m equally disobedient. I am just as guilty as the people around me. I am an equal member within a community of people (called humanity) who have turned away from God.

That’s how God has set this up.  God has revealed that everyone is disobedient.  He wants everyone to acknowledge their personal disobedience and our corporate disobedience. He wants us to acknowledge our corporate failure. He wants it because it empowers Him to do something for us. When we acknowledge that we, together, have failed and are prone to failure, it gives God the opportunity to have mercy on everyone.

You don’t want to be perfect within a community of perfect people. There’s no salvation for perfect people in perfect communities. God’s mercy is reserved for people and communities who have failed and will be honest with Him about it.


3     Failure is the prerequisite to God’s mercy

God loves me and has shown me mercy.  Instead of holding my disobedience against me, he extends me mercy and asks me to choose to believe in Jesus. Perfection doesn’t connect me to Jesus, failure does.

Everyone has been revealed as equally disobedient. I’m sorry to sound accusing, but that includes you, too.  Because we’ve all failed everyone is equally extended God’s mercy and has been given the opportunity to choose Jesus.

The text tells us that God bound everyone over to disobedience. That’s both heartbreaking and awesome. It’s heartbreaking because it really breaks God’s heart. But, it’s awesome because it’s how God wanted it. He wanted it that way so that everyone would qualify for mercy rather than judgement.

Just be honest about it.


Here’s How Your Failures Can Instantly Connect You To Mercy 

Acknowledging failure reveals the opportunity that God has given us in Jesus. If you seize the opportunity to believe in Jesus you will instantly receive forgiveness and mercy.


What about you?

Have you acknowledged your failure? Do you see failure as an opportunity to connect you with God’s mercy?

Or, did you see something different in the text?

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