038: Why Words Are So Important To The Gospel

Devotional On Romans 10:14-21

Why Your Words Are So Important To The Gospel

I’ve got some really great neighbours. We have mowed each other’s lawns, shovelled driveways, helped plant flowers, and helped each other renovate. Truthfully, I really want to see my neighbours in eternity because I’m sure it would lead to a decade long neighbourhood BBQ on streets of Gold. I’m going to guess that you have some great neighbours you want to see in eternity, too. So, what do we need to do about the Gospel to ensure we will all see each other forever?


In Romans 10:14-21, Paul lets us know Why Our Words Are So Important To The Gospel


1.    God has sent you to communicate about Jesus

God’s personal direction toward each of us is very plain. Jesus didn’t give the Great Commission exclusively to those alive at the time of His resurrection.  The Great Commission is given to us all.

You need to communicate the Gospel because this is something that Jesus tells you to do.  There’s no getting around it.

You are sent to communicate the Gospel for the purpose of empowering people to place their faith in Jesus.


But, what does that look like?

The question remains, what should your communication look like?  Clearly, you and I are going to communicate differently from different platforms to different people.  First, lets keep in mind what it doesn’t look like.


2.    Lifestyle does not communicate about Jesus

Lifestyle and good works are certainly a part of the Christian journey.  However, you can’t rely on your lifestyle to lead people to Jesus.

Here’s the thing: God, Himself, does good works and has an awesome lifestyle.  But, God didn’t rely on His lifestyle to tell us about Jesus.  He wrote a book that we call the Old Testament.  Then, He came Himself (Jesus) to preach and teach.  Then, He wrote another book that we call the New Testament.

Our lifestyle, and God’s good works (namely, creation) contributes, in a general way, to the idea that there is a God.  A specific revelation is needed.

If God needed to use words, so do you.


3.    Words are essential

There absolutely needs to be vocal or written communication so that someone’s mind is engaging with specific knowledge about Jesus.

Remember what the passage tells us.  The Jews’ religious excitement (i.e., their zeal, faith, religion, philosophy, faith community) was based on a lack of specific knowledge about Jesus, so Paul tells us that it wasn’t working for them.  The knowledge about Jesus absolutely needed to be communicated to them so they could be included in eternity.


What exactly needs to be communicated?


4.    Start with the message about Jesus, then keep going

Awakening people with the story of Jesus, His death, resurrection, and the requirement of faith is a good place to start.  There are a few great guidelines or outlines for you to use that will help you stay on track and tell Jesus’ story.  Start there.

But, don’t stop there.

Jesus’ story finds more meaning when more of the Bible is communicated.  In addition to the Gospel message, communicate the rest of the Bible. Our zeal for Jesus needs to be grounded on the knowledge that God has given us throughout the Bible (namely, in the New Testament).

So, talk about as much Bible as you know to help give your listeners better context for the story about Jesus.  Just do your best and don’t worry about not knowing all the answers.


Why Your Words Are So Important To The Gospel

Lets be honest about the answer – because the Gospel is not communicated without them.


What about you?

Are you using your words to communicate the Gospel to the people around you? Or are you relying on your lifestyle to do it for you?

Or, do you think the text tells us something different?


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