037: Why Knowledge Is Essential To Faith

Devotional On Romans 10:1-13

With four young children there is always a mouth with a missing tooth in my house.  It reminds me of when I was a kid, writing notes to the Tooth Fairy.  For me, a quarter for a tooth just wasn’t enough, so I was leaving notes asking for bigger bills to buy large Star Wars toy sets, G.I.Joe toy sets, bikes… you name it. Honestly, what was the Tooth Fairy thinking leaving a quarter?!  Yet, with every tooth I received the same yield, a single quarter under my pillow. It’s like the Tooth Fairy couldn’t read, or was too busy for my notes. My belief in the Tooth Fairy let me down because she has no power. Actually, faith or belief (whichever word you’d prefer to use) has no power, either. There is only one source of power that truly has the ability to help us, and it’s vitally important we know the truth, rather than a fairytale, so that we can get connected with it.


Romans 10:1-13 teaches us Why Knowledge Is Essential To Faith 


Here are three lessons learned from the passage…


1.     Blind faith & religious zeal do not lead to spiritual benefit

One of the clearest points I’m hearing Paul make concerns knowledge. Blind faith and religious zeal do not lead to righteousness (namely, spiritual benefit that will never fade away).

Faith, all by itself, is useless. The object of faith is where the spiritual benefit lies.  It’s not our faith that has the power to rescue us.  The power to rescue us comes from Jesus, Himself.

There is no spiritual benefit in an empty kind of belief or a religious fervour based on an inadequate source of knowledge.  The source of the power is Jesus, and it’s Jesus that we need to personally connect with.


2.     We need to be careful about what we accept as truth

Because the object of our faith is so critical to our choice to believe, we need to be absolutely sure that we know what is true. The only path to righteousness is based on knowledge of the truth: Belief in Jesus, and the profession of faith.

There is no other source of spiritual revelation that is capable of revealing the truth about God, and equipping us to connect with God, other than the Bible. The Bible is God’s self revelation, and only God is qualified to reveal God.

All other sources of spiritual information will fail to connect us with the source of the power that can rescue us from death (namely, Jesus).


3.     We need to be careful about what we communicate as truth 

Not only do we need to be sure we’re receiving truth, but we need to determine to communicate only what is true.  The very best we can communicate is the Bible because nothing else communicates the truth about God as God has revealed Himself.

 The Bible is the only source of truth that will help anyone.  We need to be very careful not to communicate opinion, or our own imagination.  We need to communicate the Bible.


Here’s Why Knowledge Is Essential To Faith 


Jesus has the power to help us. But, there’s a bigger point we need to acknowledge. It is vital to acknowledge that Jesus is Jesus. He’s not some deity by another name, He’s not a collection of spiritual ideas, and He’s not a fantasy that someone has written about.  Jesus is who He is. The best way to know Jesus is to engage with His self revelation, the Bible.

Please make the Bible your starting point on our journey toward knowing God. Please make it your consistent go-to source when seeking understanding and answers to your questions about spiritual things. If you start with the Bible, and stick to the Bible, you’ll be empowered to connect with the God who wrote it.

What about you?

Are you committed to using the Bible as your primary source of spiritual input? Are you engaging with it consistently?  Or, are you gleaning your spiritual information from multiple sources that are out of alignment with the Bible?


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