034: How You Can Become One Of God’s Elect

Devotional On Romans 9:6-13

I’m in grade 4, again I am one of the last to be standing along the wall waiting to be picked.  I don’t really blame anyone for not wanting to choose me, because I really don’t like playing hockey any ways.  But, being the last to be elected (or not being elected at all) always leaves me feeling horrible.  I see that time is running out and I know that I’ll soon be assigned a team by our gym teacher – which, technically, means that I’m not one of the elected, but I’m still forced to play.  At least I can look forward to using the sticks as lightsabers after the game.  Being elected by one of my friends to join their team would have been great. However, being elected by God to join Him in eternity would be totally awesome. Thankfully, election works differently with God.

Election is always fun to talk about with some of my friends who like to debate a little.  It’s fun because there is so much material, and both views seem to be taught almost side by side through the Bible. I can see that there is clear teaching that everyone who calls on Jesus will be saved, yet I can also see verses about God foreknowing and predestining.  So, is it freewill, or does God elect who will be saved and who will perish?!


In Romans 9:6-13, I think Paul’s showing us How To Become One Of God’s Elect.


1. God elects those who will be saved

God elects to save everyone who choses to believe in Jesus.  It’s that simple.  And, it’s that important to understand.

Paul’s contemporaries believed that God’s election was partly based on biology.  They believed that they were elected for eternity simply because their family tree traced back to Abraham.  Because Abraham was their forefather, they believed that God was obligated to give them eternity and all the blessings He had.

God isn’t obligated to anyone.  That’s a message that Paul’s trying to drive home with his contemporaries.  God obligates Himself to His own promises.  He promises to save anyone who chooses Jesus.


2. God elects those who won’t be saved

There is no other way to God.  To secure a place in eternity and to truly call God your friend, then choosing to believe in Jesus is essential.

Anyone who has rejected Jesus is not elected by God for salvation.  It’s just that simple.

The choice is ours.  And, it is absolutely a choice.  Our spiritual heritage doesn’t guarantee us God’s blessing.  Just because your parents may have gone to church doesn’t mean that God owes you anything.

Paul’s point is to let his contemporaries, and us, know that God does not elect anyone who chooses not to believe in Jesus.


Election may not be what you thought it was

Election isn’t about predestination, or God choosing to reject some and save some.  Election is about humanity not having a claim on God.  No one can ever claim to be connected to God (and be saved) based on any means other than faith in Jesus.  God’s family includes those who are chosen by God.  God has chosen to call everyone who places their faith in Jesus His children.


What about you?

Are you one of God’s elect because you have chosen to believe in Jesus?

If not, please don’t lean to heavily on something else.  It’s not your grandmother’s church that will connect you to God.  And, it’s not anything other than Jesus.  God has only elected to include those who choose to believe in Jesus to be included in His family.  Please choose Jesus.

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