032: Six Reasons Why Faith In Jesus Is Well Placed

Devotional On Romans 8:31-39

Nerf darts are flying everywhere.  I try my best to dash through the area, but I find that the entire church basement is setup like a war zone, filled with grade 6 boys shooting at each other with their nerf guns while playing some version of Capture The Flag.  Not too long into the game, suddenly a number of Rubbermaid containers are emptied into a corner, and now “mobile tanks” move past me as a barrage of darts fly past my knees making the containers sound like a set of drums.  When the party’s over, while we drive home, my son gets my attention and summarizes his 12 year old birthday party to me.  He says, “Best birthday party, every!”  Great summary.  It’s a lot like the summary we find in today’s text.

Paul has taken us on a journey through Romans.  We’ve learned many things about God overcoming our sin and giving us freedom and friendship.  As he comes to the end of chapter 8, Paul takes a moment to give us a summary of how awesome he feels our experience with Jesus is.  He summarizes with a few more words than my son does, but the excitement is just as real.


In Romans 8:31-39, Paul summarizes with Six Reasons Why Faith In Jesus Is Well Placed


1.  God is for us.

Jesus is leading the way, bringing us into an enduring Kingdom.  Yes, there are challenges ahead of us, but Jesus is charging ahead and removing everything that would try to stop our advancement.  He’s got our back.  He’s got our front, too.


2.  God is committed to us.

The Father has given us Jesus to fulfill His purpose for us.  That costly sacrifice reveals how much He has committed Himself, and how willing He is to make any other sacrifice and provide any other resource needed in the future.


3.  God is defending us.

No one can bring any charge against us.  God has justified us based on our faith.  And, because God is our judge and has made His judgment, the time for accusation has passed. No more accusations can be made because salvation is established.  The work needed for the salvation of our souls is finished.  Accusations are not entertained because the court case is over.


4.  God is interceding for us.

Jesus, Himself, is speaking to the Father on our behalf.  Because we see that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father (a position of complete authority over all but the Father), Jesus speaks with authority on our behalf.


5.  God is with us.

With all that God has already done for us, and with all that God has planned to do for us (bringing us into an enduring kingdom), He has made Himself inseparable from us.  God has deeply committed Himself to us presently and forever.


6.  God is crowning us.

Paul tells us that we are more than conquerors.  Not only have we won in this life (our souls are saved, our judgment is paid, our freedom is secure), but we have also been included in an enduring kingdom to come. And, not only will we be citizens, but we are co-heirs with Jesus, Himself, who is the first and best of all who are considered family members. To literally be a part of God’s family is outstanding and incomprehensible.  We hurt God and were headed to death, but we will end up being heirs within God’s Kingdom – that’s more than conquering.


I Know That My Faith In Jesus Is Not Misplaced

He is for me, committed to me, defending me, interceding for me, with me, and crowning me as a favoured son.  I trust that you can say the same.


What about you?

If you’re not sure about that, please choose to place your faith in Jesus.  If you’re already a Believer, then own it because that’s your summary, too.

Or, did you understand the text differently than I did?


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