031: Four Things You Can Do To Get You Through Dark Days

Devotional On Romans 8:26-30

Is it just me, or does it look like the world has been flipped upside down?!  People seem to be celebrating things that should be mourned, and shunning things that should be embraced as priorities.  Honestly, the Spirit is groaning along with the rest of creation about the current state of decay and sin.  The Spirit is longing for the resolution of God’s plan of salvation more than we are.  And, the Spirit is helping us to endure while we wait patiently for Jesus’ return and the resurrection. 

The world may be too big to talk about, though, because most of us feel enough pain locally.  We, as individuals, also have our dark days.  But, God doesn’t leave us in the dark.  He’s always working for the good of those who Believe in Jesus.


In Romans 8:26-30, Paul shares 4 Things You Can Do To Get You Through Dark Days


1.     Trust God’s intention

God is making us more like Jesus.  Unfortunately, that transformation can be painful at times because some of us need more transformation than others.

If you’re going through a dark moment, please trust that God’s working on you to make you look more like Jesus.  You  may not understand the moment, but you can always trust God’s intent.


2.     Trust God’s plan

Jesus is the first and best of a new family that includes every Believer.  God didn’t go through all the work of sending Jesus to the cross, and then calling us to faithfulness and endurance on a whim.  He has an awesome plan that includes seeing you in glory, and making you glorious.

If you’re going through a dark moment, please trust His plan. At the end of the day you and I will marvel at God’s master plan and that He invited us to be included within it.


3.     Trust God’s love

Every now and then we need to be reminded that God loves us.  He’s including us in eternity because He wants us forever.  Jesus is coming back one day (these days, it looks like it’s imminent) because He wants us.

If you’re going through a dark moment, please trust God’s endless love for you.  He wants you to be with Him forever.  Your dark moments will be completely forgotten when you experience His love for you while looking His face.


4.     Pray in the Spirit

God has given us two awesome gifts for use in our communication with Him.  First, He’s given us the freedom to express our emotions.  When we have no idea how to tell God what we feel, we can just cry, or groan, or sit silently, or sigh – the Holy Spirit translates all of that into a language that God understands.

Secondly, God has given a wonderful gift of a prayer language called “tongues.”  Honestly, I’m not entirely sure if the text is really referencing the gift of tongues (my guess is that it probably isn’t).  However, it’s a great place to remember that we have an awesome prayer language to use when we’re completely overwhelmed.  Allowing the Spirit to pray on your behalf is an awesome option in your dark moments.

If you’re going through a dark moment, please pray in the Spirit.  Our cooperation with the Spirit by praying in the Spirit is where we will find our strength to endure dark days and stay faithful until the resolution of God’s plan of salvation (namely, Jesus’ second coming and our resurrection).


Your dark days won’t last forever

God has left us in a transitional time.  Creation, Believers, and the Spirit are all groaning for a resolution – the world just can’t go on like this for much longer.  A resolution will come.  And when it does, it will be more than words can express in this transitional season.  We will finally come into a rest, where all things will endure, where all groaning will cease, and where all things will be understood within the context of a family which includes all Believers led by our Saviour who has gone before us, the first and best of us, who lovingly includes us with Him forever.


What about you?

Are you able to trust God during your darkest moments?  Do you take advantage of your prayer language, or your invitation to simply let your emotions do the talking?  Or, did you understand the text differently than I did?


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