030: Why Patience Is So Vitally Important To Navigate From Today Into Our Future

Devotional On Romans 8:22-25

As a parent of four kids I know that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  A gruelling, uphill, 24/7, sleepless marathon.  Kids learn slowly, grow slowly, and it takes many of the best years of our lives to get them standing on their own.  So, as a parent, I think I understand what Paul teaches us in Romans about the marathon of life.  Life isn’t a sprint, and some of the more negative moments suck some of the best years from our lives.  However, there is a finish line that we’re heading to that makes the marathon worth it…


In Romans 8:22-25, I believe Paul is teaching us Why Patience Is So Vitally Important To Navigate From Today Into Our Future 


1.     Creation is telling us it can’t endure 

Patience is so important because creation itself reveals to us that our condition isn’t sustainable.  Something new is going to come, not only because of God’s promise, but because something new absolutely has to come.

Just like our kids must grow up, so creation must grow beyond what it currently is.  Just like our childhood needs the resolution of adulthood, so creation needs a resolution to something that will come next.


2.     The Spirit is telling us there’s something better to come 

To be included in the new thing that’s to come we need to have faith in Jesus.  Patience is so important because the future is a matter of faith.

Creation itself is groaning under its current circumstances, letting us know that it can’t stay like this forever.  However, creation can’t tell us what will come next.  Only God can reveal that to us.  And, God has revealed enough of it to us to know with certainty that faith in Jesus is the key to unlocking our place within what’s yet to come.


3.     Patience is absolutely required

It’s not hard to see that much of this world is corrupt, and life is going to hurt.  We know to expect that life will hurt.  So, for now, we need to patiently endure all the trials of this life, holding on to our faith in Jesus.

Just like we patiently endure the terrible twos, the drama and the painful moments of character development because we know that something better will grow from it, we also patiently endure all that we experience now by staying faithful, expecting the better thing that God has in store for His children.


4.     Be intentional about what’s next 

We can be intentional about working toward a better eternity.  When we hold onto our hope in Jesus, and live as though each moment is an opportunity to invest in our personal experience of eternity, we are investing in our future.

Patience is important because an investment takes time to grow.  Invest in your eternity by growing in your love for Jesus and for others.


Here’s Why Patience Is So Vitally Important For You To Navigate From Today Into Your Future 


It takes discipline to get yourself to church every Sunday, tithe, engage your Bible often, pray often, and treat every moment like it matters to your eternity.  You can’t make it by treating life as though it were a sprint. You need patience.

Jesus hasn’t called you to experience eternity today.  He’s called you to the Great Commission today.  He hasn’t called you to heaven today.  He’s called you to invade hell today by standing side by side with your neighbours and friends who need Jesus and to rescue them.  Jesus hasn’t called you to comfort today.  He’s called you to live modestly, share what you have, generously give your money to grow His kingdom, feed the hungry, help the helpless, and lead the lost to Jesus.

You need patience.

Are you trying to sprint?  Please stop.  Patiently give control of your life to Jesus and invest in your personal experience of eternity.


What about you?

How much patience do you have?  What are you doing about the Great Commission? How well are you doing with your daily eternal investment opportunities?


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One thought on “030: Why Patience Is So Vitally Important To Navigate From Today Into Our Future

  1. I once thought that a prayer for patience in my young adulthood was a mistake as my oldest son, though dearly loved, was born as willful as they come and tested my patience nearly everyday. My prayer was answered in the most unlikely way – I learned patience as a form of survival! Now, 29 years later, my son is a loving, kind, thoughtful, compassionate man of whom I am so proud. Daily lessons in patience proved fruitful and we both are better for it.

    I was reading in Ezekiel and John today about sheep and the shepherd. What a great comparison as it pertains to patience as well as how we as Christians relate to Jesus, our Shepherd. Anyone having been around sheep know how dense they can be. The level of patience a shepherd has to have to not knock them upside the head (which could kill them as they are easily shocked by sudden behaviour and can die from that shock) when they stubbornly refuse to do as they are directed is remarkable. In fact, I’m not sure they are even sharp enough to stubbornly refuse…they are just dumb.

    For many of us, myself included, we don’t suffer fools gladly and although a knock upside the head shouldn’t cross our minds, throwing our hands in the air and walking away certainly becomes a clearly viable option sometimes.

    But what an example we have to follow if we would just heed it! Our patient, loving and kind Shepherd laid down his life for us and gives us chance after chance after chance to change. What an extreme example of loving patience. I’m thankful for that mercy and share it whenever possible.