009: Why You Will Never Work Hard Enough

Devotional on Romans 3:21-31

I love keeping busy.  When I’m not busy I get frustrated and I make those closest to me frustrated.  Unfortunately, I take my love of busyness into my Christianity with me and can think that I please God by working really hard.  Hogwash – God’s looking for something else.

After prepping for this blog post the strongest thing I’m feeling is relief.  I don’t cut the mustard.  I don’t measure up.  I can’t do anything well enough.  All that (and more) is ok because God’s looking for something else.  God’s got a plan for a guy like me, and a person like you, who acknowledges inability.

In Romans 3:21-31 Paul teaches Why You Will Never Work Hard Enough.

You will never work hard enough because…

1.  God’s not looking for performance
Romans 3:27, “Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded” NIV.

My inability to perform compliments God’s lessons to all of us.  Throughout the Old Testament we read passage after passage revealing that no one can please God without His help.  God’s not looking for performance, so we can’t please Him with it.

2.  God’s not looking for moral perfection
Romans 3:21, “apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known” NIV.  

The Old Covenant Law reveals what is required for a person to approach God without the help of God’s grace.  Paul concludes that it is impossible please God because we are not righteous.

My acknowledgement of my sin and failures is also my confession that God is right and I am wrong.  My belief in Jesus upholds all that God was trying to teach us in the Old Testament – I don’t measure up and I need a Saviour.  Jesus is my Saviour.   God’s not looking for moral perfection, so we can’t please Him with it.

3.  God’s not looking for penance
Romans 3:28, “a person is justified by faith apart from the works of the law” NIV.

Jesus does all that I can’t.  Righteousness is a gift given to me by agreeing with God that I’m completely and irreparably unrighteous.  Spiritual and eternal life is a gift given to me by acknowledging that I deserve death and that Jesus died because of me.

You Can Never Work Hard Enough because God’s looking for something else.  He’s looking for your faith in Jesus.


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One thought on “009: Why You Will Never Work Hard Enough

  1. Right on Rick. There are so many testimonies of people leaving the faith for this reason. They think they have to please God like he’s some unforgiving and perpetually angry father figure. They end up getting discouraged and as a result fall away. All God asks is for you to trust in Him even when all around you is bleak. Walking by faith and not by sight (our five senses basically) is always easier said than done. Great post.