006: Two Ways To Ensure The Bible Makes Your Heart Healthy

Devotional on Romans 2:17-29

The Bible can make you, but it can also break you.  It can be used to grow a healthy heart filled with love for God and others, and it can also be used to degenerate a heart by filling it with anger and feelings of hostility toward God and others.  There is a lot riding on how a person chooses to use the Bible.

When the Bible isn’t used as a tool to personally engage with God, then its misuse can damage the heart.

Throughout the letter of Romans Paul criticizes his Jewish contemporaries because their spirituality was no deeper than their parchment.  They possessed The Law (their version of the Bible) and boasted about it, but they didn’t use it to personally engage with God.

To summarize Romans 2:17-29 I’d say that it teaches Two Ways To Ensure That Your Bible Makes Your Heart Healthy.

The next time you read the Bible, can you please do these two things…

1. Surrender to its Style

In Romans 2:29 Paul writes, “circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit” NIV.

When you use your Bible to personally engage with God, then the Spirit personally engages with you.

Being a Christian isn’t about anything that we can do.  It’s about what God has done, and what the Holy Spirit is doing within us.  When we use our Bible it is essential to receive its content with an open mind and heart.  Please don’t doubt it, fight it, or try to tell the Bible what it should really mean.  Please receive the content for what it is – the Spirit’s voice spoken to you in order to make you more like Jesus.

2. Follow it into Fellowship

Also in Romans 2:29 Paul writes, “not by the written code.”

The Bible isn’t a book, it’s an absolute miracle.  Its power isn’t within its closed pages, it’s within our hearts as we engage with the material and use it to grow our fellowship with God.

When you read the Bible, please don’t read it like a book.  Please read it like it’s a miracle, empowering you to grow a real friendship with God.

God loves you more than words can express.  He loves you so much that He’s made His personal communication accessible to you.  And He’s asking you to use it to personally engage with Him.

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