001: The One Thing That Will Kickstart Your Confidence In God

Devotional on Romans 1:1-7

My wife, Michelle, was at the end of her semester heading into her final exams and deadlines for her term papers. Her anxiety was about as high as I had seen it since we started dating. Her confidence was quickly declining. She looked at me and asked with a quiet voice, “Will you still love me if I fail?”

I wish I could tell you what words I used because whatever I said worked.  She smiled, looked a little less anxious, and instantly acted more confidently. Honestly, I suspect it wasn’t anything I said, but it’s what she sensed from me – she knew I was with her and for her. (I wish all my Michelle stories ended as well.)

Confidence is so very important.  And, thankfully, God knows it.

There is so much in life that eats at our confidence.  But, God isn’t one of those things.  God has done something remarkable for us and has given us such confidence that we would even dare to approach Him as a friend.


In Romans 1:1-7, as Paul opens his letter he immediately shares one thing that will Kickstart Your Confidence In God.


1. God asked Paul to communicate for God

This small passage in Romans shows us that Paul was set apart for the Gospel.  That means that God uniquely called Paul to be a communicator of the message that God wanted to tell the world.  But, that concept is too big for this blog post, so let me make it smaller…

2. God asked Paul to communicate to you

Paul was appointed to be an apostle (which is a messenger) to lead Gentiles (anyone who is not Jewish) to faith in Jesus.  Not only was Paul uniquely called to speak for God, but he was specifically asked to communicate on God’s behalf to all of us who are not Jewish.  That means he was called to share the Gospel with you.

Ok, talk about kickstarting your confidence!  God implemented a plan to make sure that you received His personal message to you. [TWEET IT]

3.  God asked Paul to tell you about Jesus

God chose Paul to communicate the message of the Gospel (the word “Gospel” means “good message”). Above every other resource we may draw on as a source of spiritual guidance, Paul (along with the other biblical authors) communicates on behalf of God because God wanted you to know the truth about Jesus.  God gave Paul authority to communicate the Gospel on His behalf so that you would know that faith in Jesus is accepted by God.

4.  God (via Paul) personally asks you to believe in Jesus

You and I have been called by God (via Paul) to believe in Jesus.  God wants you and has selected you to believe in Jesus.  His one big ask is, “Will you choose to believe in Jesus?”  And that is so very important because God wants you to know (with absolute confidence) that your belief in Jesus brings you into a friendship with God.

You can be absolutely confident that God has called you to believe in Jesus, and that God completely accepts you because of your faith.  Where our confidence takes a beating in other arenas, the spiritual arena is protected.  There is absolutely no reason at all to lose confidence in God’s love for you and your acceptance based on your belief in Jesus.



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